Bell matches Rogers with new $60/mo 15GB plan

Bell's plan offers 4G data and is capped at 150Mbps speeds, so you might as well get a cheaper plan with more data from Virgin Plus

Bell launched a new promo plan to match an offer Rogers has had since late last year: $60 per month for 15GB of 4G data.

The plan recently emerged on Bell’s website. Dubbed the ‘Promo 15’ plan, it includes unlimited calling and texting in Canada. The 15GB of 4G data is, unfortunately, not unlimited, and overage rates are absurd at $20 per gigabyte up to a maximum of 8GB, followed by $0.02 per megabyte after that (though that still works out to about $20 per gig).

Though Bell advertises 4G data, it’s worth noting that the data speed is capped at 150Mbps. However, speed isn’t the only restriction on the plan. The Promo 15 deal also limits video streaming to ‘standard definition,’ or 480p. Plus, the plan isn’t shareable.

Bell’s Promo 15 plan as of March 23rd, 2023.

As mentioned above, the plan is very similar to a $60/mo 15GB plan offered by Rogers. That plan has been around since at least December, and likely before then too. Rogers’ plan is technically $65/mo but currently is discounted to $60. It also includes 4G LTE data capped at 150Mbps with $20/GB overage rates, unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, and isn’t shareable.

While it’s good to see the Big Three offering plans that are more affordable than the $85/mo base they’ve had for months, these plans aren’t exactly good deals. Bell’s flanker brand Virgin Plus and Rogers’ flanker Fido have both offered plans with double data and discounts for weeks that beat out the $60/15GB plans.

Virgin and Fido both offer $60/mo 20GB and $65/mo 30GB plans, and if you bring your own phone (BYOP), you can save $10/mo for 24 months on those plans, bringing them down to $50 and $55, respectively. The data is capped at 150Mbps speeds, but that’s the same as Bell and Rogers, so why not save some money and get more data?

But if you’re dead set on going with Bell, you can check out the Promo 15 plan here.