Koodo, Virgin up unlimited talk and text plan to $33/mo

Remember back in August 2022 when this plan cost $27?

Koodo and Virgin logos on phones

Koodo and Virgin Plus have upped the monthly cost of their unlimited talk and text plans by $1. At $33/mo now, the plans are even worse value than before.

The unlimited talk and text plans are exactly as they sound — subscribers get unlimited minutes and unlimited texting, but data is pay-per-use (read: expensive). These plans are great for people who just need access to calling and texting, but for a while, the plans cost $32/mo, an arguably high price for what’s on offer. (It’s worth noting that back in January 2022, these plans cost about $30/mo).

Back in August 2022, Koodo, Virgin, and Fido briefly lowered their respective unlimited talk and text plans to $27/mo, a more acceptable price but still pricier than comparable plans from other budget brands.

After the Black Friday deals and before the Boxing Week deals, the three flanker brands put the unlimited talk and text plan back up to $32, and now Telus’ Koodo and Bell’s Virgin have pushed the plans to $33/mo. Fido, for now, remains at $32/mo.

Of course, there’s absolutely no reason to pay more than $30/mo for these plans when other providers offer talk and text for less. Telus flanker brand Public Mobile, Rogers flanker brand Chatr Mobile, and Bell flanker brand Lucky Mobile all offer a $25/mo unlimited talk and text plan with 1GB of data capped at 3G speed (technically, Chatr and Lucky offer 500MB and a bonus 500MB to customers who sign up for automatic payments for a combined 1GB).

Now, 1GB of data capped at 3G speed isn’t a lot, but if the goal is unlimited talk and text for a reasonable price, these are among the best value out there.

You can view Koodo’s plans here and Virgin’s plans here.