Bell offering $10/mo discount for 12 months when you bring your own phone

The carrier also has a new $60/mo 10GB 'Essential 10' plan

Bell is offering a $10/mo bill credit for 12 months when customers bring their own phone, and the carrier has a new ‘Essential 10’ $60/mo plan.

While neither offer is outright bad, it’s worth noting that there are better value options out there. The $10/mo bring your own phone (BYOP) credit is a nice little bonus, but it’s too bad it doesn’t last longer than 12 months. That makes Bell’s $85/mo 25GB ‘Essential’ plan a better option by dropping the price to $75/mo. In other words, it’s $10 more than the $65/20GB plan available from flanker brands like Bell’s own Virgin Plus.

Bell’s $10/mo BYOP discount.

An extra $10/mo for 5GB more data and 5G access isn’t terrible if you really need 5G or live in an area with 3,500MHz. That said, if you don’t care about 5G or if 20GB is enough data for you, save some money and get the $65 plan.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Bell’s $10/mo discount is only available online. Online orders can also save the $50 connection fee, which comes as a bill credit applied to customers’ second or third bill.

Bell’s plans as of October 31st, 2022.

As for the new ‘Essential 10′ plan from Bell, the value is a little less clear. It costs $60/mo and includes 10GB of data. While the plan includes 5G access, Bell caps the data speed at 250Mbps and locks video streaming quality to standard definition (which, according to Bell, is 480p). Put another way, the limits on the plan effectively make 5G access pointless.

Plus, when other providers offer a $65/mo 20GB plan, it’s hard to argue that the $60/10GB plan is a good option. That said, Virgin Plus, Koodo, and Fido also offer $60/10GB plans capped at 4G speeds (which range from 100-150Mbps depending on the provider), so Bell’s $60/10GB is better than the flanker brands’ $60/10GB. And to be fair, if you bring your own phone to Bell, then that $60/10GB becomes a $50/10GB, which is better.

You can check out Bell’s plans here. Plan pricing may differ depending on which province you live in.