Chatr is back with another 2GB data bonus for six months

This flash sale runs until June 27th

Rogers flanker brand Chatr is back with another ‘flash sale.’ This time around, the provider is offering 2GB of bonus per month for six months when you get a new plan.

Chatr’s offer is available for new activations of its plans starting at $35/mo. Like with previous offers from the provider, this one will expire if an account becomes inactive or if customers change their plan before the end of the six-month period. With that in mind, make sure to pick a plan that you’ll want to keep for at least six months.

The 2GB bonus is just one option for Chatr customers to boost their monthly data. Customers who sign up for Chatr’s auto-pay system also get a bonus 500MB of data per month. That stacks with the current 2GB offer, making it 2.5GB for the first six months.

Chatr’s flash sale runs until June 27th, but if you can’t take advantage of it this time around, it’s worth noting that the provider has similar offers to this available relatively often.

You can learn more on Chatr’s website.