Xbox game streaming coming to Samsung smart TVs and monitors on June 30

All you'll need is a Bluetooth controller and Game Pass Ultimate membership

Xbox Game Pass Samsung smart TV

Xbox game streaming will officially launch on 2022 Samsung smart TVs and monitors on June 30th.

The service will be available on these devices through a dedicated Xbox app, and you’ll also need a $16.99/month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. From there, you’ll be able to stream hundreds of games from the Game Pass catalogue directly to your display — no console or PC required. As well, Fortnite will be available to stream to anyone with the Xbox TV app — no Game Pass subscription required.

The app will support many Bluetooth controllers, including the Xbox Wireless Controller and PlayStation’s DualShock 4 (PS4) and DualSense (PS5) gamepads.

While Cloud Gaming will only be available on Samsung displays to start, Microsoft says it plans to “explore other TV partnerships” going forward. In any case, this is still a major next step for Microsoft’s game streaming ambitions.

Following initial tests of Cloud Gaming (formerly known as xCloud) in late 2019, the service has rolled out to Android, iOS, PCs and Xbox consoles. It’s part of Microsoft’s platform-agnostic approach, wherein consumers have the option to enter the Xbox ecosystem through a Game Pass membership, rather than specific hardware.

On top of rolling out Cloud Gaming to Samsung displays, Xbox is also working on a Roku-like game streaming stick, although official details have yet to be confirmed.