Razor launches Kickstarter campaign for electrified version of its classic kick scooter

The Razor is back

Scooter company Razor is getting in on the e-scooter craze with new electrified versions of its classic scooters. And, as a bonus, these look like they carry as much potential to devastate ankles as the classic Razor scooters.

As reported by The Verge, Razor launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new scooters, which are called ‘Razor Icon.’ It aims to start shipping the first models in August 2022 and will offer five colours — orange, blue, red, pink, and black. The scooters will also boast 350W motors, which will let them go much faster than those that rely on leg muscles.

Razor seems to be playing a slightly different game with its Icon e-scooters than the competition. First, the company’s marketing seems to rely on the nostalgia factor. As per the Kickstarter page:

“The original Razor scooter is back! Bigger, faster, and this time it’s electric! Meet the all new Razor Icon. The original. Reimagined.”

The page also features videos of people reflecting on the Razor scooters they had as kids.

Aside from the nostalgia play, The Verge points out that Razor isn’t trying to take on other e-scooter companies by putting out the fastest electric scooter possible. The Icon is one of the company’s more powerful scooters with a top speed of 29km/h (18mph) and a 36V lithium-ion battery. The company also plans to sell the scooters for “under $1,000.”

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter page notes the Icon only ships to the U.S. That means Canadians hoping to get a Razor Icon are likely out of luck for now, but hopefully, these scooters become available if they prove popular in the U.S.

Image credit: Razor

Source: Razor Via: The Verge