Fido customer receives 30GB/$55 exclusive deal

If you're a Fido subscriber, check your account because you might have a similar offer


Some Fido subscribers are reportedly receiving relatively exclusive deals on their accounts.

For example, RedFlagDeals (RFD) user ‘y2Dave’ says that they were offered 30GB for $55, which in the context of the Candian telecom industry, is a pretty stellar deal. This offer also includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to the U.S.

Other RFD users don’t seem to have the exact same offers, but there are reports of similar deals. For example, a few of the RFD users were sent $60 for 30GB, $65 for 35GB and $90 for 50GB offers. Further, one user was offered a $45/25GB win-back deal.

If you’re a Fido subscriber, take a look at your account to see if any of these deals have been sent to you.

Source: RedFlagDeals