Tesla launches more efficient Solar Roof tiles, still no Canadian release

The new solar tiles can draw in 22 percent more power

A leaked spec sheet that made its way into the hands of Electrek claims that Tesla has developed a new Solar Roof tile that can output 22 percent more electricity per tile than the previous version.

This means that the company can use fewer expensive solar tiles when building a roof, which, in a perfect world, should bring down the cost of the expensive roofing material and mean less electrical connections and labour upon installation. While 22 percent isn’t the most significant jump, it could still result in a few fewer tiles per roof.

When visiting Tesla’s website, there’s no mention of the new tiles, and as always in Canada, you’re unable to order any of Tesla’s solar products. Instead, your only option is to sign up for updates.

The one silver lining we can take away from this upgraded solar material is that Tesla appears to be actively still working on this project, suggesting that someday it may finally release in Canada.

Source: Electrek