Here’s how to take selfies like a champ with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

You can take selfies with the rear-facing triple camera setup for much better quality photos

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers an array of cameras, including one that sits underneath the phone’s display.

Though the technology behind this feature is very cool, the ‘Under Display Camera’ (UDC) isn’t optimal for selfies, and while you can take a selfie with the ‘Cover Screen’ as well, it’s best to snap them with the phone’s three rear-facing cameras.

Follow these steps if you have a Z Fold 3 and don’t know how to take a picture with these cameras. If you’re here to look at the difference in selfie quality, skip to the bottom of the story.

First, open the camera app. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the Cover Screen or the main display, but I prefer to do it with the Cover screen as it gives you more control of the picture-taking

In the top right corner, you’ll see a button that says ‘selfie’ — tap it. If you press this with the Cover screen, it displays a message that tells you to open up your phone.

Once opened, you’ll see yourself in the viewfinder and be able to take selfies. Note that the cameras are not in the center and are to the left, so when you’d typically look at the centred hole-punch camera on the Cover screen, you’re now looking to the left at the triple shooters.

If you do this with the main screen, you’d have to keep looking at it to change your selfies to wide-angle, portrait, telephoto, etc. Additionally, you’ll need to capture pictures with the volume slider.

If you did this process with the Cover screen, it works like you’re taking a regular selfie shooter, but you’re using the better cameras.

Now that you know how to take selfies with the triple camera setup, you’ll be taking pictures like a pro.

Take a look at the difference in photo quality below.

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