Telus Health launches 24/7 emergency monitoring service on Apple Watch

Customers with an Apple Watch Series 4 or later can add the service for $30 per month

Telus Health has launched a 24/7 emergency monitoring service provided through its LivingWell Companion response service on the Apple Watch.

The company says that the new service, combined with the Apple Watch Fall Detection API and proactive monitoring feature, will provide improved safety to Canadians with health concerns.

“Telus Health is helping advance innovation in the PERs industry by making it accessible through the modern and powerful intelligence of Apple Watch, while offering greater independence and a sense of security to those who want to live independently for longer,” the company said in a press release.

If a user’s Apple Watch detects that the user has fallen, this information is sent to Telus Health’s ‘Central Monitoring Station.’ Operators will then contact the user to confirm the emergency and alert their designated emergency contact. Operators can also dispatch emergency support if needed.

Customers with an Apple Watch Series 4 or later can add the Telus Health Companion service for $30 per month. New users can purchase a cellular-enabled Apple Watch with the Telus Health Companion monitoring service starting from $54 per month, which Telus says is $120 in savings on the Apple Watch.

It’s worth noting that all users must have a post-paid wireless Telus plan with an iPhone 6s or later, and have the latest iOS installed.

“Through collaborating with Apple, we’re proud to be the first in Canada to transform how personal emergency response is experienced,” said Juggy Sihota, the vice-president of consumer health at Telus, in a statement.

“We value our role in helping Canadians, particularly those who are ageing, to live independently while giving them and their caregivers peace of mind knowing that they are connected to support 24/7.”

Telus notes that personal data collected on fall activity and geo-location for the Telus Health Companion is done so only with user permissions.