Google Stadia finally has a search bar

Thanks Google, way to catch up

Google Stadia gamers will be excited to learn that Google’s fledgling video game service finally has a search bar.

This was a huge miss for the company and led to countless taunts rightfully tossed at the service since it seemed like it was still in beta, while Google insisted that it was a full release. Now, over a year later, the service finally has a search bar, making it easy for gamers to find games in the platform’s slowly growing store. This is rolling out over the next few days.

On top of this, the service also tweaked how the game library looks and makes it easier for users to filter content by genre and other metrics.

9to5Google also reports that Stadia is going to be usable via the mobile browser on Android, making sure that when new features are added, there will be a way for mobile gamers to access them too. That said, there is also a native Stadia app on Android, so hopefully, these features come to that version of the platform too.

Finally, Google is making the ‘Explore’ tab a little more social. In the future, you’ll be able to see screen captures and screenshots from your friends here. Beyond the search bar, there’s no timeline as to when these features are going to be added.

Overall these are some much-needed features, and I’m sure Stadia fans will be really relieved that they’re here.

However, it might be a little too late and since the gaming platform has a lot of work to do before it really wins over the hearts of gamers. Seriously, taking a year to add a search bar and not launching on the Chromecast with Google TV is not a great look.

Source: Stadia, 9to5Google