Samsung’s ‘iTest’ lets iPhone users try out the Galaxy experience

Is this enough for you to trade sides?

Samsung has launched ‘iTest,’ an interactive website that allows iPhone users to test the One UI experience its smartphones offer. The South Korean company says that the platform allows users to “sample the other side.”

When you visit the iTest website from Apple’s Safari browser, you’ll receive prompts to install a web app to your iPhone’s Home Screen. Once the app is on your home screen, tapping it launches a simulated Galaxy home screen complete with a range of apps and settings options. Further, you’re able to open some of the apps like ‘Messages,’ ‘Settings,’ ‘Camera’ and more.

Additionally, you’ll be greeted by simulated phone calls that tell you how to use your smartphone and receive a text from YouTuber Logan Dodds that tells you to check out the camera app. Tapping on ‘Camera’ launches a video walkthrough of the app given by Dodds.

There are also more tutorials available about the Samsung Kids and Health apps.

While the platform is currently being advertised in New Zealand, you can still try it out in Canada. It’s a cool experience, especially if you’re someone who last used a Samsung phone when the company’s Android UI was the lacklustre Touch Wiz. A lot has changed since then, and this tool shows that clearly.

However, the experience isn’t perfect as I’ve encountered instances where the interface locks up and prevents you from scrolling. Also, my phone call from “Sam” didn’t actually work.

Recently, Intel tried to show people how its processors are better than Apple’s M1 chips. Additionally, Intel also had Justin Long the ‘I’m a Mac’ guy featured in slightly desperate ads to showcase how its offerings are better.

You can try out iTest here.

Via: MacRumors