Google’s latest Doodle honours International Women’s Day

The Doodle celebrates women's firsts throughout history

Google’s latest Doodle celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting a series of firsts throughout history.

“Suffragists, academics, gold medalists, entrepreneurs and more — today’s Doodle celebrates the women around the world who overcame the obstacles of their time to create a lasting legacy,” the search giant notes.

Google has revealed that in the past year, the world searched for “the first woman” more than ever before, whether it was searching for the first woman astronaut to the first woman to climb Mount Everest.

“The video Doodle pays homage to these (s)heroes by depicting the hands that have opened the doors for generations of women. While some firsts achieve something spectacularly new, others are receiving a recognition or right that is long overdue.”

The Doodle was illustrated by Helene Leroux, who says she wanted to find a way to represent a diverse range of women’s accomplishments globally. Leroux eventually decided to depict hands highlighting women in their different fields throughout time in order to pay homage.

I hope the Doodle will inspire women to pursue what they want in life, keep fighting for their rights, and pass on the message to future generations,” Leroux stated.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google