Apple and Hyundai to reportedly sign an electric car deal by March

A 'beta' version of the Apple car could potentially be ready as early as 2022


Hyundai and Apple are reportedly planning to sign a partnership for self-driving cars by March, as reported by Reuters.

Reuters has cited a report from Korea IT News, which claims that production on the vehicles would begin at Kia’s factory in Georgia. The publication reports that around 100,000 EVs would be produced as soon as 2024.

However, a “beta” version of the Apple car could potentially be ready as early as 2022. Previous reports have suggested that Apple’s car would leverage cutting edge battery technology to extend range and enhance safety. LiDAR sensors could also be used to help the car navigate its surroundings.

Hyundai has previously acknowledged that it was in talks with Apple but had stated that the tech giant was also looking to work with other car manufacturers as well. On the other hand, Apple has yet to acknowledge these reports.

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t certify Apple’s plans to release a car or that it will actually reach the reported 2024 target. However, the tech giant’s plans for a car have been making headlines lately, as it appears that plans are moving forward.

Although Apple’s plans seem to be moving ahead, it’ll be interesting to see if the company will be able to compete with other rivals. Companies like Tesla are working on breakthrough technology for autonomous vehicles and Apple’s 2024 goal is quite far away.

Source: Reuters