Microsoft Office suite, including Word and Excel get native M1 Mac support

iCloud accounts now work with Outlook

Microsoft is one of the first big developers to hop on the Apple M1 train as it brings its Office suite of apps over to the new system architecture.

The core Office apps, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote, are getting M1 support, while Teams is still waiting on an update.

Not only have Microsoft updated the look of the apps to make them match macOS Big Sur, but the M1 versions of the apps should also be faster than the Intel variants.

The company says that people with automatic updates turned on will be able to get these updates today. Others need to go to the Mac App Store and update the apps manually.

Microsoft also promises a new Office Start experience on Mac will be available next month, but it doesn’t detail what this will entail.

Also buried at the bottom of the update is the news that Outlook finally supports iCloud accounts. That means you can sync your Apple calendar and emails into the Outlook app, so you only need to use one app on the platform.

There are a few other smaller updates that you can read about in Microsoft’s blog post.

Source: Microsoft