Google Maps dark mode starts rolling out via server-side update again

Because it's server-side, updating the Maps app on your phone won't make it happen faster

After a short tease in September, it looks like Google is finally rolling out an official dark mode for Google Maps on Android.

According to Android Police, the dark theme is part of Google Maps ‘version 10.56.1,’ but unfortunately, it also requires a server-side switch to activate. It appears that the server-side update is hitting more users now as some have taken to Twitter to share that they’ve gained dark mode in Maps.

Google first enabled the dark theme back in September in version 10.51.1, but it was also a limited server-side update. Only a select few people got access before the company rolled back the change.

Thankfully, it looks like the wait for Maps’ dark mode may be worth it. According to Android Police, Google executed the theme well with tones of dark grey throughout the interface, more muted colours and more. Also important is that the map itself remains as clear as the light mode, so it shouldn’t present any issues for users.

There’s a toggle available in the Settings menu to set Maps to always use dark mode, never use it or follow the system theme.

Unfortunately due to the server-side nature of the update, downloading the latest release of Maps won’t get you the dark mode — although it might help you get it faster. To update, head to the Maps page on the Google Play Store.

Source: Android Police