Google rolls out new AI-powered tool that helps you compose poetry

The tool channels your favourite classic poet

Google has launched a new ‘Verse by Verse’ AI-powered tool that lets you compose poetry inspired by classic poets.

Once you get started, you can select up to three poets for inspiration, such as Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe. From there you have to select the syllable count and the rhyme.

The tool then asks you to write your first line, after which the AI will suggest some more options. Once you write your first line, you can either write a second one or choose from a series of options inspired by the poets you’ve selected.

It’s worth noting that the tool is designed to inspire you, not create an entire poem for you from suggestions, although you can do exactly that. When all of your lines have either been selected or written, you can choose to end the poem or write another stanza.

Google notes that it created this tool by feeding the AI a large collection of classic poetry. The system was designed to have a general understanding of what lines of verse would best follow a previous line of verse.

Source: Google