Google extending Chrome support for Windows 7 until January 2022

The tech giant was originally going to stop releasing Chrome updates for the OS in 2021

Google has announced that it’s extending Chrome support for Windows 7 until at least January 15th, 2022.

The tech giant originally wasn’t going to extend support past July 15th 2021, but is implementing the six-month extension due to customer feedback.

Google notes that this year has presented a lot of challenges for organizations and that some planned IT projects may have been delayed.

“Facing difficult business and technology decisions, supporting a changing work environment, and navigating uncertainty are among just a few of the issues IT leaders have faced over the course of 2020,” the tech giant noted in a blog post.

Although Windows 7 is over a decade old, Google says that 22 percent of organizations using Windows OS have yet to migrate to Windows 10.

“With this extension of support, enterprises with their upgrades still in progress can rest assured that their users remaining on Windows 7 will continue to benefit from Chrome’s security and productivity benefits,” the blog post outlines.

Google says that it’s going to continue to evaluate the conditions its enterprise customers are facing and will communicate any other changes in the future.

Source: Google