Google tests new feature to compare similar apps on the Play Store

It's unclear if Google will widely roll out this feature

Google is often testing new Play Store features and visual components. This time around, there’s a new ‘Compare apps’ section, as first spotted by Android Police.

The Compare apps section shows up when you tap on the listing for an individual app near the bottom of the page. Currently, it seems limited to a few popular media player apps, but more support may come in the future.

The section shows similar but contrasting components of apps, such as ease of use, supported features and more.

Google is likely using data collected from users that have left app reviews. Comparing apps like this could help Play Store users pick between two similar apps.

It’s currently unclear if Google will roll out this feature more widely, but Android Police says the functionality was spotted in version 22.4.28 of the Play Store. It’s also unclear if this is a server-side update.

Image Credit: Android Police

Source: Android Police