Ontario government introduces new regulation to reduce electronic waste

Nokia and Greener Acres Canada are going to use the e-waste to power smart cities

The Ontario government has introduced a new regulation to require producers to collect and manage the full lifecycle of their electronics.

This includes things like phones, computers, printers and gaming equipment. The government notes that the regulation will promote the reuse and refurbishment of products so that they can be resold.

The new regulation will be enforceable on January 1st, 2021, and aims to reduce the amount of waste produced by electronics.

“Electronics are becoming an increasing challenge for our waste system and we need new solutions to keep them out of landfills,” said Environment Minister Jeff Yurek, in a news release.

Further, Nokia is partnering with Greener Acres Canada to turn electronic waste collected in Ontario and recycle it into smart green piles that will be used to upgrade Canada’s utility pole infrastructure.

Nokia notes that it’s going to use the new smart pole infrastructure to deploy smart city services, including high-speed broadband connectivity.

“We create the technologies that connect the world, and Smart Cities powered by these Smart Green Poles will be key drivers in bringing high-speed connectivity to all Canadians,” Shaw Sparling, head of enterprise at Nokia Canada, said in the news release.

Source: Government of Ontario