Refer a friend with Koodo and save $50 off both your bills until June 8

This referral must be completed by June 8th then referrals return back to $25

Koodo is now offering a limited-time deal; if you refer a friend, you’ll both save some cash.

The promotion gives the subscriber and the person who was referred $50 CAAD off their bills.

To do this, click here and log into your ‘Self Serve’ account to send referrals. Once your friend submits their info, Koodo will send the instructions to complete the process. When your friend is done with the process, Koodo will apply it to both of your bills.

Subscribers and their friends must complete the process by June 8th. After that date the referral amount returns to $25. Friends need to activate and submit their new Koodo phone number to complete the process.

Additionally, Koodo’s website says that subscribers can save up to $300 for the year (if you have a lot of friends) with this referral promotion.

To learn more about the promotion, click here.