Vidéotron temporarily closing select stores in response to COVID-19

Some stores will remain open to provide customers with essential services

Vidéotron is temporarily closing some of its retail locations across Quebec and Ontario in response to COVID-19.

The carrier notes that some stores will remain open to provide customers with essential services. The essential services include replacement of defective equipment and repair or replacement of mobile devices under warranty.

They also include purchases of essential accessories such as chargers, purchases or replacements of SIM cards and critical activation of a telephone for front-line personnel.

Vidéotron says that it has increased hygiene measures for all surfaces and products used by employees and customers. It has also placed restrictions on physical contact, such as shaking hands.

It also notes that door-to-door solicitation and telemarketing have been cancelled.

Vidéotron also says that a technician will only visit a customer’s home for essential services. This includes adding new service for active customers, disconnecting a customer who is moving out of the carrier’s service area and connecting a new customer.

A technician will also come to perform a repair to keep a customer connected, or to move an existing customer’s services to a new address if wall outlets have to be installed.

Vidéotron customers can find a list of open store locations here.