Google Camera 7.3 hints towards upcoming Pixel codenames, 24fps video

The APK teardown confirms previously reported codenames for the 2020 Pixel phones


Google Camera 7.3.017 is rolling out to some users and it hints at 2020 mid-range Pixel codenames and 24fps video recording.

The main change that comes with the new update is a new listing in the Settings page called “Do Not Disturb access needed.” If you grant access, then you won’t be disturbed with any notifications when you’re recording a video.

XDA Developers downloaded the APK version of the software, which allowed the publication to take a look at features that could arrive in a future update.

For instance, Google might allow for the ability to record in 24fps, according to the APK teardown. Users can currently only select 30fps when recording at 4K resolution. This enhancement would definitely be helpful for videographers because 24fps is the standard for TV and film.

Further, the teardown revealed codenames for Google’s 2020 mid-range Pixel devices. The codenames include sunfish, redfin and bramble, as outlined by XDA Developers.

Redfin and Bramble are being developed on top of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 mobile platform, which is 5G-capable. Sunfish appears to be in development on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 platform.

Source: XDA Developers