Freedom promo plan offers 1.5GB of ‘Nationwide’ data for $19, one month free

Some customers who go to a Freedom store may be able to get one month free with this plan

Shaw-owned regional carrier Freedom Mobile is offering a promotional plan with 1.5GB of data and unlimited talk and text for just $19 CAD per month — and if you’re lucky, you could get a month free.

Freedom has launched new promotional prepaid plans on its site that offer a lot of service for not a lot of cash. First up, there’s a basic Talk and Text package with no data for $14 per month after the $5 Digital Discount and a limited-time offer of $5 off per month for 12 months ($60 total discount). The plan typically costs $24 per month, but customers can save $5 per month for 12 months when they activate a new line with that plan.

Further, customers who sign up for Freedom’s Auto Pay pre-authorized payments system can get an additional $5 off per month.

The same deal applies to Freedom’s other promotional prepaid plan, which offers unlimited calling and texting plus 1GB of data with a 500MB bonus for a 1.5GB total data allotment. That plan costs $19 after the $5 Digital Discount and the limited time $5 off for 12 months promotion.

However, what sets the 1.5GB plan apart is that the data isn’t ‘Freedom’ data. Freedom offers two versions of data on its plans, ‘Freedom’ data, which is only available on Freedom’s network, and ‘Nationwide’ data, which is available even when users aren’t on the Freedom network. You can learn more about the differences between ‘Freedom’ and ‘Nationwide’ plan features here. Regarding this promotional plan, however, customers can essentially get a Canada-wide talk and text plan with 1.5GB of data that would cost upwards of $45 from competitors like Koodo or Virgin Mobile.

Finally, the cherry on top is that some customers will be able to take advantage of this plan and get a month free. According to fine print on Freedom’s website, customers who sign up for the promotional 1.5GB plan at a Freedom store ca have a unique promotional code applied by a retail store representative during the promotional period. The code gives customers a $19 service credit in their second month, effectively giving them a month free.

To learn more about the plan, or take advantage of it yourself, head over to Freedom’s website and check out the Prepaid page.