Dell plans to recycle one product for every new one it puts out by 2030

The company currently only recycles about 10 percent of its products

Dell logo

Computer hardware company Dell is pledging to go green by 2040.

To get there, it has a few smaller steps to accomplish, but overall it’s nice to see more tech companies caring about the environment.

Its first goal is to make hardware more energy-efficient and cut emissions plus electricity usage in half by 2030. One of the more exciting pledges is that every product a customer buys, Dell will reuse or recycle an equivalent product.

On top of this, it plans to make sure that roughly half of the parts used in its hardware will be made with recycled parts. Of course, all of the company’s packaging will be recyclable too. It plans to hit these goals by 2030.

Dell already has an existing recycling program and it’s planning on expanding it to make it better. A Dell spokesperson told The Verge that it has only recycled roughly 10 percent of its products and that less than 5 percent of new products use recycled or renewable parts.

After it hits all of these goals, it plans to find a way to source all of its electricity from green sources by 2040.

Source: Dell Via: The Verge