RCMP launches audit to ensure lawful social media monitoring practices

The internal review will determine if the RCMP's techniques align with the law

The RCMP will be conducting an audit to ensure that the way it monitors Canadians’ social media accounts complies with the law.

The national force monitors social media accounts reactively and proactively. For instance, it keeps an eye on accounts after someone has committed a crime, but also monitors accounts to identify and prevent crimes.

During the federal election, the RCMP gathered and filed daily reports detailing online hate towards the political leaders.

The RCMP is now launching an internal review to make sure that the techniques it uses agree with the law, according to documents obtained by the CBC.

“How this information is handled and managed needs to be consistent across the country to ensure that court requirements are adhered to and that privacy concerns are met,” the documents read.

Privacy experts have said that clear controls and guidelines should be placed to determine how the RCMP is allowed to conduct its online monitoring.

The findings from the audit will be made public in 2020.

Image credit: RCMP

Source: CBC News