Microsoft reveals futuristic-looking foldable Surface Neo tablet

This thing looks hype

Surface Neo

In a surprise move at its fall Surface hardware event, Microsoft finally revealed its often-rumoured foldable, notebook-like tablet, the Surface Neo.

The Neo, which is very similar to the Microsoft’s just-announced Surface Duo smartphone, features a keyboard that magnetically attaches to the foldable tablet, as well as a Surface Pen that snaps against its rear.

In a way, the new product category looks like the combination of a large smartphone, an iPad and Microsoft’s Surface line.

Unlike foldable smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, a 360-degree hinge separates both displays. The Neo’s displays measure in at 9-inches each, with the screen expanding to 13-inches when unfolded. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s head of all things Surface, says the Neo features the thinnest LCD display ever released in a device.

The Neo also runs a special version of Windows 10 called Windows 10 X specifically designed to run on the unique dual-screen device.

Regarding hardware, Microsoft confirmed that the Neo will be the first device to feature Intel’s 11th-generation 10-nanometer Lakefield processor, four 10-nanometer Atom cores and Foveros 3D chip stacking technology.

Surface Neo

The Surface Neo won’t release until the fall of 2020, similar to the Surface Duo.