Find the data you need for your projects faster for $26 with DEVONagent Pro

We all have major projects at school or work that we can’t wait to tackle, but before you can show your work and impress your peers, you need to conduct boring, time-consuming research. What’s more, a quick Google search will often provide useless sources that require hours to sift through. Luckily, DEVONagent Pro bypasses useless sources, allowing you to find the data you need faster for just $26.49. 

DEVONagent Pro is a smart search assistant that lets Mac users conduct searches on multiple search engines to collect data, which is automatically sorted to omit the results you don’t need. It features advanced Boolean operators, proximity operators, and wildcards to narrow your searches and identify reliable sources like galleries, news feeds, email addresses, linked documents, and more. You can even save additional time during future searches by saving your search parameters. Finally, DEVONagent Pro features a See Also list that will let you delve further into your research. 

Finding the right sources for your projects is the biggest time sink when conducting research, but DEVONagent’s smart filtering lets you bypass the clutter and find the data you need quickly. You can buy it on sale now for $26.49 CAD [$19.95 USD], or 60% off.

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Prices subject to change. 


DEVONagent Pro for Mac – $19.95

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