Fido is offering internet student promotions for back-to-school

Fido logo

Fido is offering a variety of internet deals for students going back to school, with some plans even including a Best Buy gift card.

The Rogers-owned brand is offering an internet package with download speeds up to 150Mbps for $50 per month for the first year.

One of the other packages features up to 75Mbps for $45 per month for the first year. The last plan offers up to 30Mbps speeds, for $50 per month and one month for free.

Fido’s website says that the $8 WiFi modems are included. All three plans also feature unlimited data usage.

To qualify for one of these plans the customer requires an active student ID alongside another piece of ID in-store.

After signing up for the deals students will also get a $50 Best Buy gift card.

According to a Fido sales associate, the promotion will end on September 3rd.

To learn more about Fido deals check out the company’s website.