YouTube tests hiding comments by default on Android

YouTube is testing a new interface change that hides a video’s comment section behind a dedicated button.

XDA Developers was first to spot the tweak; it’s currently only available via YouTube’s Android app.

At the moment, the new Comments button is nestled between the dislike and share buttons. As a by-product of the change, Google has moved the “Save to Playlist” button to the description section, making it slightly more time-consuming to access that part of the platform’s feature set.

Essentially, what this tweak does is make it so that users have to decide to enter the comment section purposefully; it’s no longer possible to enter the comments by accident. With how toxic the comments section can get on any web platform, this is a tweak a lot of people will likely appreciate. The extra step involved in accessing the comments section will also likely discourage some people from commenting, which will help reduce the number of negative comments overall.

Currently, it appears YouTube is testing this change with the help of a limited number of users.

Images courtesy of XDA Developers.

Source: XDA Developers