Pixel Buds new firmware promises lag reduction and improved Bluetooth performance

Pixel Buds Case

Google will push out a new firmware update for the Pixel Buds on May 21st to improve a few things.

Here is the changelog:

Pixel Buds version 2.2185.230
Updated June 11, 2019

  • Reduced lag when playing games or YouTube videos
  • Pixel Buds now report 100% battery at full charge
  • After factory reset, Bluetooth is discoverable within 1-2 seconds

The company also points out that the new firmware may cause the “Tap to connect” function to fail. The only way to circumvent the issue is to re-pair the Pixel Buds to the device.

Google created the Pixel Buds to compete with Apple’s wildly successful AirPods. However, the Pixel Buds received lukewarm reactions due to issues ranging from poor sound isolation to a cumbersome pairing experience.