Razer introduces drink mixes that ‘respawn’ gamers

Razer, a company famous for its Chroma-enabled computers and gaming peripherals, is elevating your gaming experience by offering you a chance to respawn in real life — with a Mental Performance Drink.

The San Francisco, California-based company is introducing RESPAWN, a series of performance drink mixes that are designed to keep you focused on your intense gaming sessions. It is also introducing a shaker that helps you to mix up the flavours.

RESPAWN features ingredients like choline and Vitamin B. The drink mixes are sugar-free and contains less caffeine (95mg) and no taurine. Its flavour comes in Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Pomegranate Watermelon and Tropical Pineapple.

Being a Razer owned brand will surprise no one with the price. RESPAWN comes in 20 pack boxes for $25 USD. If you want the official shaker then that would be another $30 USD (about $39.80 CAD). It is only available in the United States through Razer and Amazon. Canadian gamers will have to wait, or maybe they can go across the border to get “respawned”.

Razer doesn’t want to risk the crash you get with energy drinks like Monster and Rockstar.

“Energy drinks are typically promoted for enhancing physical performance. We specifically designed RESPAWN to enhance mental performance, which we feel is conducive to focusing on a screen for long periods of time. We want you to be able to game better, longer,” says Razer on its RESPAWN FAQ site.

Unfortunately, neither the shaker or the drink mixes will produce Chroma-enabled lighting to match with your gaming setup.

Razer’s CEO Min Liang Tan recently confirmed through social media that the company is designing a Razer-branded toaster after overseeing an intense online campaign by its fans. The company and Min himself are known to interact with its cult-like fans around the world through social media and Razer’s online forum.

Image credit: RESPAWN

Source: Engadget