WestJet’s new Flight Light shows kids when their parents are coming home

West Jet's new Flight Light

WestJet today announced a cute new connected nightlight.

Dubbed the ‘Flight Light,’ the device pulls WestJet flight data to provide children with a visual representation of when their parents are coming home from a trip. The Flight Light does this with the help of a specially designed mobile app that allows parents to input and sync their flights to the device.

Using the same app, parents can send messages and emoji to the Flight Light, which the device will then project on the wall, just like it does flight routes.

What’s more, the light features a detachable, jet-shaped flashlight.

WestJet pulled design and colour inspiration from Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft, currently among the embattled company’s most advanced passenger jets, to create the Flight Light. West Jet added its first Dreamliner aircraft earlier this year. The company currently has 10 of the aircraft on order.

WestJet plans to beta test the Flight Light throughout the summer. Customers can get the latest updates on the Flight Light by joining the airline’s free WestJet Rewards program.

Source: West Jet