LG’s 2019 TV lineup is now available in Canada

LG’s new 2019 TV line is now available in Canada.

The company has two main TV series offerings this year. There is the high-end OLED TV lineup and its regular NanoCell LCD range.

While LG say it’s maintaining its top quality display hardware technology, the company also states that it is focusing on software to improve the quality of its sets.

Some of the TVs that have the Alpha 9 (α9) Gen 2 intelligent processor can adjust themselves for background noise and the ambient light in a room to help provide a better experience for the viewer.

So far the only TV that isn’t available yet is the W9 set which is the upgrade over the ultrathin ‘wallpaper TV’ that actually magnetically attaches to the viewer’s wall.

You can find out more about the TVs by reading our announcement post.


  • LG E9 – 65-inch $5,000 CAD
  • LG C9 – 55-inch $3,300 – 65-inch $4,500 – 77-inch $10,000