Enjoy zero bandwidth throttling for as low as $50 with Private Internet Access

Online privacy is no joke. If you use an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot without adequate protection, you run the risk of hackers and identity thieves stealing your private info. Luckily, there are dozens of VPN services on the market, but not all VPNs are created equal. If you’re looking for a VPN to protect your devices without pesky restrictions, look no further than Private Internet Access, which you can subscribe to for as low as $67.17.

Private Internet Access is a robust VPN service offering everything you can ask for in a VPN and more. It protects your devices by encrypting your data with Blowfish CBC and by blocking unwanted connections with an advanced firewall. PIA also boasts a no-logging policy, so your data won’t be stolen in the event that PIA’s servers are compromised. Additionally, PIA allows you access blocked websites and browse the web without bandwidth restrictions, regardless of what ISP you’re using.

If you don’t have a VPN or aren’t satisfied with your current one, it’s time to upgrade to Private Internet Access. You can sign up for a single year for $67.17 CAD [$49.99], or for 3 years for just $40.31 CAD [$30] more. Additionally, you can get 25% off using offer code WEEKEND25.

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Private Internet Access VPN Subscriptions – $49.99

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