Huawei temporarily restricted from Wi-Fi Alliance, voluntarily withdraws from JEDEC organization


Huawei no longer has access to the Wi-Fi Alliance after the company has been “temporarily restricted,” and has voluntarily withdrawn from the JEDEC association, following the U.S. banning the company.

The Wi-Fi alliance determines the future of wireless LAN technologies. The restriction means that the company can no longer take part in activities that are covered by US-imposed trade restrictions.

Although Huawei can continue to produce devices that have Wi-Fi capabilities, it does not have a say in the further developments of standards surrounding the technology behind Wi-Fi.

Huawei has also temporarily withdrawn its membership from the JEDEC organization, which is responsible for setting semiconductor standards.

“On May 17, 2019, Huawei Technologies notified JEDEC that it had decided to voluntarily suspend its membership in JEDEC until the restrictions imposed by the U.S. government are removed,” a JEDEC spokesperson told Nikkei.

The JEDEC organization is also in charge of setting stipulations for USB standards.

These new changes follow Huawei’s recent exclusion from the SD Association. The SD Association is responsible for setting the standards for the use of SD and microSD cards.

Companies that aren’t listed under the SD Association cannot create and market devices that feature SD card support.

Source: Nikkei