Samsung to manufacture 5x optical zoom module for future smartphones

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Samsung is reportedly looking into manufacturing its own 5x optical zoom camera module.

According to ETNews, Samsung is working on 5x optical zoom lens similar to the Huawei P30 Pro.

Samsung recently acquired ‘Corephotonics’ a company that used to work on Chinese company Oppo’s zoom lenses. It’s possible Samsung could be using Corephotonics’ technology to make this 5x optical lens.

Reportedly, the South Korean company’s zoom sensor is 5mm thick, which is thinner than many of the 2x zoom lenses currently on the market, according to 9to5Google. Similar to Huawei, Samsung’s lens will sport a periscope design that allows the zoom lens to be so thin.

It’s possible the Galaxy Note 10 could sport this camera technology, though this is unlikely considering the phone is likely already in the process of being manufactured.

Samsung often tests its A-series mid-range handsets with new technology. As a result, it’s possible that the new 5x zoom lens will first appear in an A-series device.

It’s worth noting that optical zoom is accomplished with hardware, while digital zoom is completely software-based.

Source: ETNews, Via: SamMobile, 9to5Google