Rogers invests in ‘NB-IoT’ network technology to empower future of IoT

Rogers has announced plans to launch a network technology that will require low power to allow stationary IoT devices to send and receive small quantities of data over long distances.

The technology is called the ‘Narrow-Band Internet of Things’ (NB-IoT). It is best used for asset monitoring, industrial automation, smart meters and smart cities.

“With the launch of NB-IoT, we are complementing our national LTE-M network, providing choice to our customers, and empowering innovation by enabling reliable, low power, low cost, and secure IoT solutions,” Dean Prevost, the president of Rogers for business, said in a press release.

Rogers is offering two choices to customers for low power and wide area networks to make IoT solutions more accessible for Canadian businesses.

The two network technologies, along with Ericsson equipment, will pave the way for Rogers’ 5G network rollout.

“Low-power wide area networks enable businesses to rethink their traditional practices by connecting assets and processes that may previously have been physically or financially challenging,” Nigel Wallis, the vice president of internet of things research at IDC Canada, said in a press release.

Rogers hopes to continue to expand its portfolio of IoT solutions.

Source: Rogers