Canadian-made Dauntless first game to launch with PS4 cross-play

Dauntless behemoth

Dauntless is a free-to-play action role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy setting. This is the first game to ever launch with PS4 cross-play. Therefore, PS4 players can game with Xbox One and PC gamers as well.

Vancouver-based Phoenix Labs came up with the promise of ‘One Dauntless’ for all players around the world to play together in this game.

Dauntless isn’t the only game with PS4 cross-play. Fortnite and Rocket League also feature cross-play, but Dauntless is the first to support it at launch.

Dauntless focuses on ‘Slayers’ who must take down giant behemoths.

Players can collect loot and create weapon upgrades. There are combos, cool skins and a variety of weapons to choose from.

Dauntless will launch on Nintendo Switch and mobile later this year.

Source: IGN