64 percent of Canadian parents concerned with children’s summer tech usage: survey

Kid with iPad

With summer fast approaching, families are no doubt beginning to think about what they want to do in the warmer weather. However, many Canadian parents are worried that their kids will be focused more on screens than the sun.

According to a recent survey from Toronto-based children’s STEM education company MakerKids, 64 percent of Canadian parents are concerned with their child’s technology usage this summer. Further, 51.4 percent of parents say they are unsure of how to manage their kids’ tech use this summer.

That said, 78.2 percent of parents say they’re interested in learning how to build a “healthy relationship” between their children and technology. Additionally, 93 percent of parents say they believe technology is important for their children to understand for when they get older.

“We polled five hundred Canadian parents to learn about their concerns and interests around their children’s technology usage as summer approaches, when kids spend more time at home and may not be monitored as closely,” said Jennifer Turliuk, MakerKids founder and CEO and MakerKids, in a press statement.

“Parents want to arm their children with skills for the future, but have legitimate concerns when it comes to technology usage. They aren’t sure how to reconcile these two opposing mentalities.”

MakerKids says parents can find “healthy tech tips” on its blog, such as how to get involved in kids’ learning, set parental controls or learn more about coding classes.

Source: MakerKids