Samsung Galaxy S10 proximity sensor bug lets the phone wake up in your pocket


Early into 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is already one of the best Android smartphones Canadian consumers can buy at the moment. But just like any consumer electronics device, Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone isn’t without its flaws.

In the case of the S10, it appears the handset suffers from a particularly irksome bug. S10 owners have started to take to both Reddit and the Samsung Community forums with reports that the S10’s proximity sensor doesn’t work properly. It operates properly while the user is on a phone call, but when they place the phone in their pocket, for instance, it doesn’t prevent the phone from waking. In turn, this causes the S10 to drain more of its battery than it should.

What’s more, attempting to address the issue by using the S10’s lower screen sensitivity mode doesn’t fix the problem.

Samsung has yet to comment on the issue, so it’s not clear if it’s a software or hardware related issue.

In a way, the issue sounds reminiscent of the OnePlus 3’s pocket fingerprint scanning issue. In the case of the OP3, OnePlus was able to address the problem with a simple software update. Here’s hoping Samsung can do the same with the S10.

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