Electric scooter and bike company JUMP coming to Montreal at the end of May

Uber-owned Bike-sharing service JUMP is entering the Montreal market in May, knocking down BIXI as the only bike-sharing company in the city.

Global News reported users will able to book a bike through the app and pay by the minute to rent. Customers can leave the bike at any city-installed bike rack. The case isn’t the same for BIXI, which requires customers to park the bike at special docking stations.

JUMP said electric scooters will also be coming to the city in June or July and will be allowed to be parked on streets and bike paths and at designated areas located near intersections.

“Quebec will be allowing on our streets dock-less bikes and scooters. We decided in Montreal to pass a bylaw so we can control that phenomenon,” said Eric Alan Caldwell, a member of the Montreal Executive Committee that’s in charge of transport.

He said that Montreal has been reviewing these regulations and added that the city wants to make sure these vehicles aren’t parked at random spots and have a designated area.

“We want our sidewalks to be clear and free. We’re open to that new mobility, but we want to have a clear control for the way they are deployed,” he said.

Bird, one of the biggest electric scooter companies based in California, told the Toronto Star in January that it had plans to bring its scooters to Toronto. Bird said it was deploying a lobbyist in Toronto to talk to as many city councillors as possible.

Source: Global News