Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-installed screen protectors aren’t covered by warranty in Canada


It looks like Canadians won’t be able to replace the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector through warranty.

MobileSyrup previously wrote that Samsung would cover the included screen protector that comes with the new Galaxy S10 phones under a 90-day warranty.

However, a new statement from Samsung Canada says this isn’t the case.

Instead, Samsung won’t cover the pre-installed screen protector under warranty in Canada. This applies to all S10 models.

While the warranty doesn’t cover the screen protector, it does still cover all other accessories included in the box.

That includes the travel adapter, USB charging cable and AKG headphones, which Samsung Canada says it covers for one year.

Samsung chose to include a screen protector with the S10 to ensure the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the display would work adequately. The company notes that not all screen protectors will work with the sensor.