Check out Lenovo’s thin, light and portable 14-inch USB-C display

It'll connect to your laptop, tablet or phone

If you often work on the go, but like the benefits of a second display, Lenovo’s new portably USB-C monitor is for you.

The ThinkVision M14 is a 14-inch, 1080p IPS panel that can connect to your laptop — or even a tablet — with USB-C. Further, Lenovo’s monitor is light, weighing in at just 1.3 pounds (about 590 grams).

Unfortunately, the display achieves this by forgoing a battery. That means whatever device you connect to the M14 will have to provide the display’s power. While there probably won’t be a significant power draw for this type of monitor, it’ll still reduce your battery life.

The display comes with an adapter to support power pass through so you can power the monitor and charge your device simultaneously.

There are two USB-C ports, one on either side of the M14’s base. Further, Lenovo built most of the components into the base, resulting in a display with almost no bezel — there is quite a chin on it, though.

The base also has a stand to raise the monitor to better match your laptop.

Overall, it seems like Lenovo thought a lot about the M14. It looks like an excellent, light, portable second monitor.

Lenovo says it’s aiming to ship the M14 in late June and it’s targeting a price of $249 USD (about $328.36 CAD).

Source: The Verge