Apple reveals the 10 winners of the ‘Shot on iPhone’ photography contest

iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS

Apple has announced the 10 winners of its Shot on iPhone Challenge which tasked photographers from around the world to show off the best photos they took with an iPhone.

As part of the challenge, participants were able to submit photos between January 22nd and February 7th that were later judged by professional photographers and Apple engineers.

In addition to being promoted on Apple’s digital channels, the company will also showcase the photos around the world through billboards, retail stores, internal company exhibitions and more. This year, for the first time, Apple will also pay a licensing fee to each Shot on iPhone winner.

These are the 10 winning shots, as chosen by the judges.

It’s worth noting that none of the 2019 Shot on iPhone winners are Canadian, unlike in previous years. Instead, this year’s winners come from such countries as the U.S., Singapore, Belarus, Israel and Germany. Photos were taken on a variety of phone models, including the iPhone 7, iPhone X and iPhone XS Max.

Source: Apple