iPhone XR versus iPhone XS: Which phone are you more interested in? [Poll]

Apple has finally released the iPhone XR, the tech giant’s new entry-level iPhone for 2018.

The iPhone XR and the iPhone XS differ significantly from one another, with the more expensive device featuring overall better technical specs in specific categories, including display resolution and camera functionality.

Outright the iPhone XS starts at $1,379 CAD, while the XR starts at $1,029 and comes in a variety of fun colours, including ‘Yellow,’ ‘Blue,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Coral,’ ‘White’ and ‘Black.’

The main question surrounding the device is if the lack of the flagship tier specs with the XR is still worth the $1,029 CAD price tag, especially when there are arguably better Android smartphones out there with better hardware for roughly the same price.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the iPhone XR and if you think the additional cost is worth it for the iPhone XS.