Spotfiy users on Android will soon be able to re-arrange their playlists

Both of Spotify's main mobile apps are soon going to be on the same page


Spotify may be one of the largest music streaming services in the world, but its iOS and Android apps have had several differences and now Spotify is trying to address them.

Moving forward, the company says it will focus on making the apps more consistent.

Unlike its iOS counterpart, the Android version of Spotify doesn’t allow users to re-arrange their playlists. Before users would have to delete a song from their playlist and re-add it at the bottom, or use the app on another platform.

There isn’t an update that’s available yet, but the company has confirmed that it will come to Android users soon.

“We’re really excited to announce that the right folks are now working on this idea. An upcoming version of Android will see this feature initially released to a small number of users,” reads a post from the Spotify Community team.

Now that the company is adding playlist editing to Android, it would be even more exciting if mobile users had the ability to add their own cover art to playlists. This feature is available on the desktop app but it’s missing from mobile.

Source: Spotify Via: 9to5Google