Rain blows of foamy justice on your friends with MagneTag [Sticky or Not]

Taking play-fighting to the next level

What’s more fun than a pool noodle fight with a good friend?

A pool noodle fight where you can have definitive proof that you’re winning, of course.

That’s the thinking behind MagneTag, which uses magnetized foam objects paired with wearable magnetic field sensors to create a foolproof arbiter of play-fights.

The objective is simple, jab your opponent’s magnetic field sensor more than three times before your opponent hits your sensor more than three times.

It works through electromagnetic induction, which creator Adam Cohen explains with impressive brevity: “When a magnet moves near a conductor, it makes the electrons want to move around too. We can measure that!”

Cohen is selling the sensors, as well as foam sabers, ninja stars and nerf darts on Kickstarter, though essentially anything can be magnetized, so that weaponry is optional.

Two sensors, two foam sabers and 20 small magnets costs about $197 with shipping to Canada, and is estimated to arrive in July 2018.

Verdict: Not sticky.

No one loves barraging friends and loved ones with physical attacks more than me, but at this price — I can do without the score-keeping system and just do it the old-fashioned way: yelling at my opponent to stop and calling pitifully for help.