What’s the best internet service provider in Canada? [Poll]

When it comes to internet services in Canada, consumers are always on the hunt for the best option.

Identifying the best service provider is difficult, because one has to consider price, speed, bandwidth, availability and if potential downtimes. Additionally, one has to even consider the quality of customer service.

In my search in Ontario, I’ve noticed TekSavvy has affordable prices, while Bell and Rogers offer near gigabit Wi-Fi speeds. In other areas of Canada, there’s also Ice Wireless, which services the three Canadian territories; Quebec-based Videtron, Saskatchewan-based SaskTel and Eastlink on the east coast.

There are also a lot of smaller internet service providers, including Cogeco, CIK Telecom, QINIQ and Xplornet.

It begs the question, with so many internet service providers, which one is the best? Let us know in the poll below, and make sure to add your reasoning (whether it’s pricing, availability or speeds) in the comments below.