Amazon Echo has a new batch of skills for Father’s Day

If dad loves his Amazon Echo make sure he knows about these skills

Amazon Echo front

Amazon has recently added a few new skills to Alexa that are Father’s Day related — or at least skills that dads might enjoy.

Amazon recommends creating a custom skill using its new blueprint editor.  There is even a blueprint that can tell your dad how much you care. An example of this is whenever dad asks Alexa “who’s the best dad in the world?” it can reply with something like “I just compared all the Dads in the world and concluded you’re the best.”

Besides creating a custom response for dad, there are some more skills that seem like they would appeal to fathers. Users can Ask Alexa for cocktail recipes using highly rated bartender skill.

There are also some skills that have been out for a while that Amazon thinks are perfect for dads. These skills are for cooking and they’re called Meat Thermometer and Flame Boss.